Plant Trees and Save tree World Environment Day

We are working on a mission to save the earth and plant more and more trees. Tree is not only important for every living but these are also making the earth save the earth. Let us work together. Spread the message so that people plant tree and make this a mission to save the Earth. Earth is getting polluted by us and we are producing poisonous gases and fumes made by cars and factories. A clean environment is only possible when we plant more and more tree and essential for healthy living in every region of the World.  If we ignore this mission air pollution can cause respiratory diseases and cancer, among other problems and diseases not only for this generation but also for next generation. Water pollution is also a part of environment pollution and we have to try to save tree and then we can save ourselves from typhoid, diarrheal diseases, and other water-related diseases. Therefore we should keep our environment clean and protected and we have to plant new tree and save tree. On World Environment day 5th June we have to shake hands together in which we have to make trust on each and work together.

There are many reasons to plant new tree and save the tree for this earth. It helps make the world a beautiful place for one, and it makes populations healthier when the environment around them is healthy (cleaner air, less pollution, etc). There are also many products that we depend on from the trees that cannot be made anywhere else (many species of mushroom for example we do not know how to cultivate and must be harvested out of the wild). A healthy environment produces great wealth in the form of many resources and a healthier population it pays to take care of the world around us. A healthy environment is not as easy and we have to get its roots clear and clean so that our new generation can understand its importance and is also much less likely to cause large problems. Lush green land is much less a deadly fire hazard than dry brown clear cut fields, and is much less likely to cause landslides.

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And the biggest reason of all: because we are part of the environment. We are not some separate entity to it, what affects the environment affects us all and any circumstances.

Most the expert in geology and environment science explained the things about to save the tree and plant new tree so that it can conserve for the next generation.

Please are cutting tree not only for their food supplements, house making , furniture making But they are also cutting for colonized the populations every part of the earth. So our aim should be to save the tree and make the earth greenish.

We have colonized the people with trees and no colony without tree. but people need to understand it and to save the trees.

If you are planting more trees, and this can be as easy task. You have to follow just following steps:

As picking up the seeds of any types, clearing a patch of soil and planting them give some water and save from the animals and birds for a while as soon as they comes from the soils and plant them in the area where you find free. The tough ones of the batch will grow and thrive and you have to take care for them. I prefer to grow mine in pots until they get 4 leaves so I can keep an eye on them and thin them to 1 plant per pot before I plant them out in their permanent location where these should be suitable. You might have to protect the young plants from being eaten by animals. Some types of trees are happy to report from the roots but others die after the top is eaten.

If you live in a very dry area like in deserts where the water sources are really deeper it is harder and you will have to look at the trees already growing well and reproduce the conditions they grow in. For example if your local trees only grow in low protected areas, those are the conditions you have to recreate for your seeds. You can do this by planting in hollow, using thick mulch once the seedlings emerge and watering the young trees. Parma culture websites have the best information on growing trees in dry or barren areas and their solutions are always practical and usually not expensive.

People give us absolutely fresh are and absolutely free of cost also we can understand it in the following steps. Rainwater and make the soil more permeable, slowing and regulating the flow of water.

· Trees boost soil fertility- Trees leave decompose into natural fertilizer, boosting soil fertility.

· Trees prevent floods – Tress are natural defense against flooding. They absorb excess

·Trees help to buffer noise-Trees act as a sound buffer, reducing noise pollution.

· Trees ALSO prevent droughts- Trees play a very vital role in the water cycle through vapor transpiration.

·Trees prevent soil erosion and landslides –Trees prevent soil erosion, desertification and landslides by holding the soil together with their roots.

· Trees cool down hot cities environment-Trees not only cool the area by offering shade and releasing water vapor, countering the ‘urban heat island effect’. This you can easily understand with a trip. If you try to travel in a garden or park where lots of tree are planted you will the temperature low than the area where concrete jungles grown. So people have to plant a tree where they find it suitable to grow.

· they make people happier, healthier and more productive –Trees boost people’s health, wellbeing and productivity. And it’s not all down to oxygen.

· Trees provide livelihoods for billions of people – 1.6 billion people directly depends on forest for their livelihood. Most the tribes lives in the forest and they are totally depend on trees.

Plant Trees and Save tree World Environment Day

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