Hundred of thousands of YouTubers facing this problem and everyone asking Why YouTube removed my subscribers or why I am losing my subscribers they are asking to their subscribers if they unsubscribe their Youtube Channel. If you are a YouTuber you are promoting your YouTube Channel and getting some 10-20 subscribers but the next day or in a few days all are lost. What you can do?  Does YouTube Listen to your voice? Do they revert back your hard-earned subscribers?. No No and no.

No one knows the exact reason and this I found after a lot of research and analysis that every YouTuber doing it wrong with other YouTubers. As they are getting or want to get a lot of subscribers every day.  why?. Normally a new YouTube channel gets about 2-3 subscribers per thousand views but a new channel getting 20-50 or 100 subscribers without getting views, without watching time, without subscribers role and YouTube Algorithm considering as a spam result the subscriber removed in a few hours or in a few days. I am facing the same problem Why YouTube removed my subscribers?. In this is tutorial I will teach you what the actual problem I am facing on my YouTube channel so that you can eliminate spam subscribes collectively.

YouTube is a platform where billions of users and watch videos to get Solution, Entertain, Educate, reviewed, revised, and many other problems solving videos, so a lot of traffic so every YouTuber looking to gain.  They want to grab as much possible subscribers base as possible and the quality of subscribers does not matter for them so it is a result that everyone doing it against the YouTube Policies and results losing Subscribers.

There are several questions from the YouTubers Why YouTube removed my subscribers you can check this analysis.

This Analysis clearly indicates that This was Started on 16 July 2020 when the YouTube algorithm changed and Subscribers started dropping. YouTube Subscribers losing was big harassment for the YouTubers because of they are working hard but wrong ways results YouTube removed subscribers from their channel.

This can read as more accurately in this analysis that on 16 July 2020, there 18 subscribers were removed from my YouTube channel  while  on 19th July some 28 removedWhy YouTube removed my subscribers 1

on 22 July 2020 they removed 29 Subscribers at once

Again on 25 July 2020, they remove 18 Subscribers

On 26 July 2020, They Removed 6  priceless Subscribers


On 31 July 2020, They Removed 55  priceless Subscribers


On 04 August 2020, They Removed 31  priceless Subscribers instantly and


This is still continued when 120 subscribers were lost today 6 August when I am writing this post which is definitely a big loss for me and my channel. Overall you can see that in the last four weeks I lost 1185 subscribers.


The above analysis clearly indicates that the problem was started on 16 July when the subscribers started dropping and it is continued until you have to do it wrong and no according to YouTube Policies.  You can easily check In just a few days I lost 785 subscribers from 8 July to 4 August and it is really a big loss for a new YouTube Channel when they spend hours getting a subscriber but it is misleading on YouTube.

According to YouTube New policies, A subscriber must watch your YouTube Channel before subscribers and it must be at least one minute for a view. So you must confirm from your subscriber that he/she watching your video at least 5 minutes MM so that you can get a permanent subscriber and this does not become a ‘SPAM’ subscriber.

Case 2

This dropping will continue until you will not take care of every subscriber giving time to your video and channel so that you can get rid of SPAM collecting buy by YouTube Algorithm.  SUB4SUB is no very legitimate if you are getting subscribers with watching videos on your Channel and to You Must take care of every Subscriber.

Case no 3

Why YouTube removed my subscribers
Why YouTube removed my subscribers



Case 4


Because YouTube giving you a platform where you can earn money by your video and channel result everyone looking it a career and doing every wrong and right to reach the milestone 1000 subscribers and 240000 minutes watching time according to new YouTube policies.

But the things are still changing and you need to take care more about your Subscriber base and YouTube Channel so that you can reach the milestones


It is really if you hang in YouTube Policies after reaching your Milestone because of some mis captions, misleading, reused content, and results you can not appeal anywhere for your works and your channel banned, reviewed, revised, or removed from YouTube in the name of all these. So you must take care of everything before starting a new YouTube Channel and my experience is that you have to do everything perfectly read all policies either in English of translating via Google Translator but you must read the policies and do all your video according to  YouTube policies.

What Does Next?

1. First of all do not collect 50 or 100 subscribers especially when you have several subscribers base mean if you have some 200 subscribers and collecting 30, 50, or 60 subscribers you can come in the eyes of the YouTube Algorithm and you will start losing your subscribers. If you are promoting your channel on WhatsApp or other messengers you have to take care especially the daily role of subscribers how they are watching your video.

2.   Do not give a link to subscribe.

If you are spreading your link on Whatsapp or other messengers to subscribe you are counting as a fake and spam subscriber by YouTube.

You can easily check the graph that everything of your channel countable as my channel traffic source is WhatsApp 64.4%. com.gbwhatsapp 6.3% and some same so it is counted as spam if it is more than 10% as I am losing subscribers base so every day. You must have a proper proportion from other sources too to get a permanent subscriber.


3. Ask the subscriber to watch the video before subscribe and do the same for him/her

If you are looking to promote your channel and using messengers never do it for less than 5 minutes watch time because you are collecting a lot of spam either and misleading YouTube Algorithm result loss of your efforts to promote your channel.

4. Do not send your link to subscribe and send your channel name

If you are looking to collect sub for sub and sending your link it is countable in YT studio and a lot of Traffic source: External and subscribers spamming from your channel so send your channel name or screenshot of your channel so search, watch at least 5 minutes view and after that subscribe to your channel, comment your channel and like video.

5. Do not collect 100 subscribers every day

If you are a new channel owner and looking to promote your channel you must try it genuinely so that you can look fare on YT policies. If you are looking YouTube give you subscribers it will take around 22 months to collect 1000 subscribers. It means your promotion worth but does not do too much and do according to your channel analysis.

So These are some tips you are advised to keep in mind before collected and you must follow these tips if you are looking to collect a lot of subscribers immediately or in a few hours.

6. Don’t use your primary ID to sub to other low Ranking Channels


Why YouTube Removed My Subscribers

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