Why Us?

Friends Government doing a lot for the Society but road safety and our roads are our own property and we use it so now the time comes have to work on our roads ourselves and not to wait for government. Sarokar NGO is a mission for everyone to use the road with safely. Our three major Objectives are:

  1. Trained the poeple to use road safely and drive safely.
  2. Make the broken road clean for the people where it is possible with the help of the society and our members.
  3. Plant new tree in road side to make the roads pollution free and environment friendly.

If you feel Sarokar NGO is on a mission for the World come and join us.

In India of the total 10,876 road accidents cases recorded from across the country because of broken roads, 3,070 accidents took place in the central Indian state. It was a little over 28% of the total such accidents. MP was followed by Maharashtra with 1,867 accidents and Uttar Pradesh with 1,196 accidents. but a lot of accidents never recorded. Every individual matter for their family and need to save the life and what we can do for others this is the goal of Sarokar NGO.

Millions of people losing their lives due the worst conditions of roads so results are that the 50% of the income going wastage due to bad road condition all over India. So we have to do a lot of work in this is only possible when your helping hands meet together.

Become a member of this mission and help us to achieve the dream to drive every individual safe on road.