युवा ड्राइवरों के दुर्घटनाग्रस्त होने की अधिक संभावना क्यों है?

Younger Drivers Break Road safety rules without hesitation and they are very eager to do it. Younger drivers drive the vehicle specially two wheeler without helmet and without help that think they are looking handsome impress their opposite sex with speed and rash driving. Younger drivers never try to follow traffic rules and regulation they always try to cheat traffic police and run the vehicle high speed.

All drivers are more likely to crash when driving at night, but young drivers are most at risk because they drive at night more often than older drivers.
People on road specially younger drivers from have no time but they want to win on road without wasting time reluctantly they crash their vehicle and have a record level of crash.
Well it is identified that younger drivers have the age between 16 and 19 years old were more likely to experience a fatal crash in road accidents if they carried one or more passenger and specially if the passenger is a girl, and the more passengers that were carried in a vehicle during rash driving , the higher the crash risk because younger drivers feel secure and safe with their friends on road. There are a number of proposed reasons for this increased crash risk on road as risk is more critical during rash driving. It is possible that the presence of passengers might distract young drivers, leading to driving conditions during the values of rules and regulation and thus increasing their crash risk. Alternatively, passengers may encourage drivers to conform to the prevailing norms of their social group. While a Rash driver may choose to drive in a risky manner on a given occasion, the support of their passengers will encourage this behavior to continue.
Factors that are contributing in accidents among younger drivings crash.
Social and economical factor.
Social and economical factor also play an important role in rash driving which affect the road accidents and these terms into the situation in which all the driving the sense of younger driving.
Alcohol and drugs factor

Do not drink during driving and leave it when you are driving.

Social Group and peers

Use of Mobile Phone
Mobile phone uses during driving is another factor which is the reason of accidents during. Always try to shut the phone during driving or stop the vehicle before receiving a call.

Driving while fatigued is a risky behavior, with research suggesting that young drivers who are influenced by fatigue are a contributing factor for fatal crashes involving two vehicles.
Proper rest and proper sleeping is the best solution to get rid from the rash driving specially the rash driving.
On Road and specially on broken road the gender of both the driver and the passenger play one of the most important role in the driver’s crash risk during the vehicle and frozen road and driving behavior in this effect to get the rash driving. For instance, one study identified that male drivers drove approximately five miles per hour faster with a male passenger in the vehicle than with a female passenger in the vehicle. Drivers with only male passengers were more likely to crash when compared with drivers who only had female passengers.
Fact is younger drivers are facing accidents three times than other drivers even older age drivers.
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Why are younger drivers more likely to crash?

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