Donate to Establish a Community Kitchen for society in Pandemic COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all the over the Worlds and people have lost their jobs, business and everyone locked in their own home in my city as it is one of be a major center of the epidemic and there are more than 500 registered case are finding but more than are still need to test and the data will increase in upcoming days even in months. many people are helpless and even not getting food from the Government as Government sends around 17 Thousands of food packets yesterday report but more than 2.5 lakh of people looking food for two times or they will die from hunger.

Community kitchen

In this regard, we(Sarokar NGO) are looking to establish a community kitchen for the people those needful and waiting for the helping hands. You are the one who can help them but donated even a single (1$)  which will help us to establish a community kitchen so provide food for the society.

IF you are the one who understands the situation and wants to involve in this work who gives $5 to the major donor that gives $500 via PayPal and or direct bank transfer( find details in footer), individuals can play a huge role in funding your event.

Individuals can donate money as well as time and help raise awareness about your cause. Plus, the excitement that they build for your charity event, might persuade others to get involved, which can lead to more attendees and support.

Thank you for reading my article. Please we need your help in supporting our NGO. Lets both join hands in making the world a better place through Helping the people who are hungry. Nothing is small. Sarokar Ek pahal Samajik Sansthan (www.srkr.or) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global Sustainable development by unlocking the power of people. We develop and test viable solutions that address the root cause of social problems to guide people out of the poverty trap. We hope the transparency and inclusiveness of the society donation system will trigger donors’ willingness to participate and motivate end beneficiaries to fundamentally improve their living conditions. Giving is more. Save a child today. God Bless YOU.

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Donate to Establish a Community Kitchen for society in Pandemic COVID-19

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