Our Finance

As an NGO We are glad to inform you that we in SAROKAR always giving out best to society in the sense of our work to planting new trees, training the new generation for safety, to follow traffic rules and making the roads safe to drive for every individuals. You easily know that the road condition in India is very Bad and people are losing their lives in accident dues to bad road conditions.

We as a volunteer organization trying to gap between the Government PWD and the Common Man. I this case we are trying to make the roads safe and crack free in every condition where and what we can do it this case. Public Work Department and workers dont have much budget for the roads to make then crack free so we have taken a step in this area to make the roads crack free.

we are always looking the fund for these works and we are keeping our NGO open for all types of help anyone and anywhere they can provide.

If you have opened your helping hands and want to help the society so that every one can drive safely you are most welcome to provide your help.

we will grateful that thankful for your every step you follow for Sarokar and Society.