Our team is well executed and qualified. All members are experts in their own field.


Rakesh Kumar.

Professionally Qualified and more than 20 years of experience holder Software developer come managers. Working towards the social goal of our society which are losing their lives on roads everyday.


Vice President :

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh working as volunteer Vice President in Sarokar a well educated and qualified self driver business. keeping the Social goals on priority






Avtar Singh

Mr Avtar Singh is a Medical Professional working in their field since a decade also a farmer by passion and a social worker too.





Jai Nand Kumar


Jai Nand Kumar is our social volunteer and Secretary of sarokar ek pahal sansthan.




Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar a well know name in the field of Education.He is well educated and four master degree with LLB. A great social worker and volunteer of Sarokar Ek Pahal. Legal Advisor




Saleem Ahmad




Saleem Ahmad is a Medical practitioner and social worker.


Sunny Kumar

a well qualified software engineer and working in a company also a social worker and volunteer in Sarokar Samajik Sansthan




Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumar a social worker specially working for ECW and a member of Sarokar Ek Pahal Samajik sansthan.




Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar Kashyap is a Teacher by passions and Great person of the team.