About Us

Sarokar is a hindi word which have very specific meaning love to other human being and livelihood. Sarokar NGO is a registered organization named as sarokar ek pahal samajik sansthan under the society act 21, 1860 . Sarokar NGO is a preliminary step toward the safety and security of common man with the help of our members specially the donors helping us in many ways. SaroKar NGO working towards in three specific areas:

1. Road Safety for new Generation.

2. Road Management.

3. Planting new tree to reduce the pollution.

Sarokar NGO is established for the Social cause so that everyone can drive safely on road.

Sarokar NGO work with the self help group of volunteers for the society to the roads more safe specially for the common man to drive on roads with safety and they can follow the rules of the Road not to drive with hazard roads and wear security ornaments(Helmet and Seat Belt) during drive.

Everyone use the road without effecting others and follow the systems and symbols of the traffics. in society there are many misunderstanding about the road safety and people need to follow all the rules but they never try to check themselves what they are doing and so Sarokar NGO will train and guide them how they can feel secure, drive safely on roads and follow the traffic guidelines.

We as a Sarokar NGO guiding our new generation about to follow the traffic rules use safety instruments and drive in limits according to standards and rules of Roads.

We are always endear about the help of the people and community like you and need your help in the sense of helpful hands you have. So come and join as a members to change the community and your help can improve the life of others which give you a smile on your face and you will love what you done for the society.

Sarokar engages organizations, corporate and individuals from every are of India and all over the World as partners, supporters and helping hands. We at Sarokar working on roads to reduce the accidents on road and safely drive on roads so that seeks to rejuvenate safety standards and into norms of safety. Sarokar NGO works with different types of people like school going teens to adults, women, youth, drivers, conductors, helpers, bikers, car drivers, Road safety inspectors, RTO and and their staffs to trained new generation about road safety in every community and areas. It addresses multiple needs of the social-economically vulnerable with single-stop solution, through which every road user have access to basic services for safely driving on road without and accident. Sarokar NGO collaborates with the communities, specially the youth to undertake their road safety programs and seminars. Communities co-invest with Sarokar and donors for the program implementation and scaling-up

Looking forward your helpful hand to join with SAROKAR NGO.